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The Safest Spring Winding Tool

Automated Safety
✓ Torque stabilizing technology does the work for you
✓ Removes dangers inherent in winding bars
✓ Lowers worker compensation claims and lost work time

Proven & Tested
✓ Designed and tested by aeronautical and mechanical engineers
✓ Proven in the field for over 5 years
✓ Stainless steel and high temper bronze for wear resistance.

Optimized Efficiency
✓ Wind and unwind springs up to 10 times faster than winding bars
✓ Minimize fatigue, and safely complete more jobs in a day
✓ Increase revenue by compeleting more jobs in a week

our models


The Surewinder

The original spring winding tool designed to safely and quickly tackle residential spring winding needs.

The Brutewinder

Our most powerful spring winding tool designed to safely and quickly tackle the biggest commericial spring winding needs.


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