The Safest Spring Winding Tools


  • Torque stabilizing technology does the work for you
  • Removes dangers inherent in winding bars
  • Lowers worker compensation claims and lost work time


  • Designed and tested by aeronautical engineers
  • Proven in the field for over 10 years
  • Stainless steel and high temper bronze for wear resistance


  • Wind and unwind springs up to 10 times faster than winding bars
  • Minimize fatigue and safely complete more jobs in a day
  • Increase revenue by completing more jobs in a week


I think this tool will be a real game changer for our industry. Keeping our technicians free from injury ensures...a long career. We've tried all spring winding tools and the Surewinder is the best.

— Jim Rapp, Owner, Precision Overhead Door of Tampa Bay

Without a doubt, using a winding tool like Surewinder makes the most ergonomic sense for saving shoulders and wrists over the course of a career.

— Dr. Anthony Harris, Door and Access Systems Manufacturer's Association

This tool is amazing. The Surewinder, or Shoulder Saver is a career saver. I was down to installing a few doors a week. Now I am back to business and installing a few doors a day.

— Saahir Ali, Professional Choice Garage Doors

I have been running the tool through the grinder and man it works great! I would recommend it to anyone, & being an older veteran door man, my shoulders feel better than ever!

— Mike Stary, Innovative Garage Door, Downers Grove, IL

I want to give a shout out to the Surewinder. This one is easily 5 years old and works like a charm.  This is how you make one of the most dangerous tasks safe and easy.

— Deric D, A Quality Garage Door, Fullerton CA

All I can say is I should have had this tool 15 years ago–no more sore shoulders and elbows, money well spent!

— Brian, Brian's Residential Garage Door Service, Perth, Australia

Our company has been using these tools for 5 years and have had no troubles. Great tool.

— Randy Claflin, Superior Garage Doors

For the last four years I have been using the best spring winding tool I have found. It is the Surewinder.

— JH Ontario, Canada




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