The Brutewinder

*Brutewinders currently shipping in September

• Winds a commercial spring with up to 175 ft-lbs of torque. As a point of reference, a .437" wire x 6.0"ID x 48"long spring (IPPT = 148) with 14 turns requires 2,077 in-lbs or 173 ft-lbs of torque. Two of these springs can lift a 1,500 pound door.
• 10 turns in less than a minute w/1,000 RPM drill
• Use a drill such as the corded DeWalt DWD460K 1/2" VSR Stud and Joinst drill with E-clutch anti-lock control (two speed 330 rpm, 1200 rpm). Or if you want cordless, use the Cordless Milwaukee M-18 Fuel Super Hole Hawg 2709.
• Can be used on up to 7.5 inch spring diameters, and can accomodate both 1.0 and 1.25 diameter shafts.
• Needs 3.5 inch clearance from shaft to wall
• If you pay your techs $60K per year and your work comp rate is 4.5%, insurance agents say you could get a 20% premium reduction and pay for 60% the tools for all techs in one year
• Weighs 11 lbs


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