The wrench engages in two winding cone holes during winding.  Spring forces are supported completely by the wrench handle against the door.   Accidental release of spring energy is not possible while wrench is attached to the winding cone. The wrench cannot be detached from winding cone while any spring torque load is present.  The Surewinder / Brutewinder removes dangers associated with using winding bars including lacerated hands, projectile injury, ladder falls and rotator cuff injuries.  This can lower worker compensation claims and lost work time.  Prevention of just 2 days of lost work due to a muscle strain pays for the wrench.  

The Surewinder minimizes fatigue during the course of a normal day.  When workers are fatigued they suffer from decreased alertness which can have several safety-related consequences, including slowed reaction time, reduced vigilance, reduced decision-making ability, poor judgment, distraction during complex tasks (e.g., winding springs) and loss of awareness in critical situations.  Most mistakes and injuries occur after fatigue has set in.  Doing  your work with a fresher mind and body aids in keeping your techs safe and healthy.



The Surewinder has been designed for use in residential garage door torsion spring winding.

- Wind springs up to 127 IPPT (8 turns) for total of 1,020 in-lbs or 85 ft-lbs of torque (an example of this level of torque would be a  .362 wire dia x 3.75 inch ID x 35 inch long spring with 8 turns on it). As long as your spring IPPT multiplied by number of turns is less than or equal to 1,020 then the Surewinder can do the job.

- Use standard 18V cordless drill (NOT in impact/hammer mode) up to 64 IPPT springs (8 turns, 512 in-lbs).  Recommend heavy duty corded drill (NOT in impact/hammer mode) for springs from 65 to 127 IPPT.  We can wind a .362 x 3.75 ID X 35 in long spring 8 turns with a Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2704-22 Li-ion cordless 1/2" drill (7 turns in high gear, 1 turn in low gear) which is rated for 720 in-lbs of torque in drill (not hammer) mode.

- 10 turns in less than a minute with 1,000 RPM drill 

- Can be wound at 2,500 RPM

- Can be used on up to 4.5  inch spring diameters, 1 inch shaft diameters 

- Weighs 7.5 lbs

- Needs 2.5 inch clearance from shaft to wall



The Brutewinder is designed for use in commercial door torsion spring winding.

- Wind springs with up to 175 ft-lbs of torque or 2,100 in-lbs (e.g., IPPT of 210 with 10 turns). As long as the IPPT of your spring multiplied by the number of turns is less than or equal to 2,100 then the Brutewinder can do your job.

-  Recommend corded DeWalt DWD460K 1/2” VSR Stud and Joist Drill with high torque, two speed (330 rpm, 1200 rpm)

- Recommend cordless Milwaukee M-18 Fuel Super Hole Hawg model 2709. 1/2” with two speeds.

- 8 turns in less than a  minute with 1,000 RPM drill, 14 turns in 3 minutes

- Can be used on up to 7.5 inch spring diameters, 1 inch and 1.25 inch shaft diameters (an optional adaptor allows use on 1 inch shafts). 

- Weighs 11 lbs  

- Needs 3.5 inch clearance from shaft to wall



The first generation Surewinder and Brutewinder have been in service with no problems for 5 years.  Sure Winder LLC warrants that this product will be free from defects in material and workmanship existing at the time of manufacture for a period of one year from the initial date of purchase from Sure Winder LLC only.  If a defect is discovered during the warranty period, we will, at our sole option, repair or replace your product at no cost to you.              


5. Return policy

Please use the contact form for communicating your reason for your return.



Lubricate at least weekly using Lucas Extreme Pressure Grease.  “Oil” holes are marked on the wrench on one side for grease application.  Lubricate daily under heavy usage.  Also lubricate the steel worm gear and the bronze worm wheel teeth using Lucas Extreme Pressure Synthetic Grease.  Failure to lubricate the wrench at least weekly will void the warranty. Lucas Extreme Pressure Grease is available for sale on this website.

7. payback

- Prevent minor injuries (sprains) & sick days - avoid $2,100 in lost revenue

-  Prevent rotator cuff surgeries - avoid $45,000 in lost revenue while tech recuperates for 3-4 months

- Reduce worker comp premiums up to 5% through state for active safety programs / tools

- Prevent increases to medical insurance as a result of reduced surgeries

- Reduce fatigue during course of normal day - permit more jobs to be done

- Demonstrate concern for tech well being - increase morale and trust


8. HOW DO I DO 1/4 OR 1/2 TURNS (e.g., 7 1/4 TURNS )?

The easiest way is to simply turn the unwound spring by hand the quarter (1/4) or half (1/2) turn, then insert the drive lug of the Surewinder into the winding cone, then insert the worm wheel notch, and wind 7 turns with your drill.  Upon completion, you have achieved the 7 1/4 or  7 1/2 turns on the spring.  


9. need another question answered?

Contact us at   503-482-8342 or email us at info@surewinder.com